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Infinity Bracelets

The symbol on our infinity bracelets is a hot new craze for jewellery and Tattoos. The infinity symbol is the mathematical symbol for unlimited, endless, without any limit, boundless. It was invented by an English mathematician John Wallis in 1657. Its meaning has been associated with peoples love for each other. Indicates your endless forever love.

This symbolism is ideal for tattoos and jewellery. Infinity bracelets are now in stock at Western Counties Wholesale, with new sterling silver designs just arrived. The symbol can be a simple single design or embellished with wording such as love, or forever. It can also be produced as a double design giving it a Celtic feel.

The double symbol is tattooed on the wrist of Emily Thorne who plays the lead role of Emily Van Camp in the hot American TV series Revenge. Fans of revenge have re-ignited the popularity of this design and fuelled demand.

So don’t miss out and get stocks now. Our Infinity bracelets come in gold finish on black and white suede. So please take a look.

New stock in silver on the way.