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Wristbands and Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets have been very popular since the 1970`s but are a hot Summer Trend this year. Friendship bracelets get their name because they have to be tied on to your wrist by your friend. They are a great holiday present between school friends. Elle UK magazine has said: ‘Right now, an arm full of friendship bracelets is the coolest way to accessorize". They are a must for all Festival Goers. There are a huge range of styles, starting from simple hand-woven patterns in silk, cotton or wool in a wide range of colours. Plaited leather in all colours, plaited nylons and cotton in bright colours and many other  materials including neons. Today they come  in all shapes and sizes, with charms, beads, crystals and various other embellishments. Western CountiesWholesale stock a whole range on wristbands on tubes and display stands and loose. Many are fairtrade wristbands directly imported.So for a great range of fair trade wristbands have a look.


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